Consuming. Conceiving. Creating.

With a history of creating out-of-the-box ideas- including recent highlights like the viral youtube experience 'The Tucker Zone' & interactive instagram adventure ‘Lost Boy’- it’s no surprise John Tucker has established a recognizable brand based around his unique approach to the world.

With a present 110,000+ followers across his personal social media & rapidly growing engagement (7.6 million+ views & on the aforementioned ‘Tucker Zone’ alone), in addition to owning the viral instagram page @VinesBeLike (500,000+ followers)- he’s proven his ideas throughout the past 5 years via social media & physical platform including work with innovative companies like Disney’s Digital Network & Meow Wolf.

With a future ahead full of continuing to create his innovative ideas at larger scales, John Tucker’s ultimate focus is to experience all the world has to offer & leave a positive dent through the experiences he envisions.

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Entering the world with an abundance of curiosity, John Tucker became active in the entertainment industry at the age of 9, acting professionally in various national film & stage productions throughout his pre-teens.

As the foundations of his desire to create became clear, he began focusing more on a different kind of performance art- illusions. Creating magic content, performing at corporate parties, & attaining internships with the world’s leading industry events allowed him to continue exploring his out-of-the-box thinking in ways he could control.

As his resume built, he grew his focus once again- Instead of focusing on deception, he wanted to create extraordinary experiences- sometimes using deception as a tool, but not as the main focus- similar to Disney World rides. Sticky Notes of ideas filled his bedroom walls, and, inspired by innovators like Steve Jobs, he established his life goal- Change The World.

In 2014, at age 17, he created/directed/produced his first major project at the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium - (‘Can He Do It’) - utilizing this new form of experiential entertainment to raise money for charity. With support from major networks like NBC, the event was a success, & opportunities led John to craft innovative new performances/creations for worldwide events like The Color Run.

John continued this exciting run into 2015, creating a series of viral Instagram 'experience' videos. Recognizing the power of social media, his entrepreneurial side kicked in & he created a page to distribute viral content- @VinesBeLike on Instagram. After contriving an innovative marketing plan, John grew @VinesBeLike to 500,000+ followers in just under 6 months.

By applying his understanding of content creation to this new powerful marketing platform, he began working with companies like Disney's Maker Studios throughout 2016 on marketing campaigns for #1 Apps (i.e. 'Game Of War', 'Avengers' etc.)-continuing to independently grow his marketing portfolio on various viral campaigns for influencers, products, etc.

Meanwhile, his creative ideas were piling up- after a year of attempting to secure funding for his debut project, John produced 3 projects in 2017, organized as a triple splurge of ideas appropriately named ‘Now Let Me Create’. It included 'The Tucker Zone' (a 3D Sound Experience), 'Lost Boy' (an interactive 'choose-your-own-adventure' on Instagram), and 'Live X' (a lifestyle brand). These projects captured the attention of 'Meow Wolf' - the leader in the immersive experience industry, & throughout 2018 he worked under the MW brand to produce multiple SXSW physical activations, grow social presence, & articulate it’s vision.

Throughout that year, ‘The Tucker Zone’ also began growing intensely- by mid-2019, it had reached over 5 Million+ Views on youtube, & is still rapidly growing hundreds of thousands of views weekly. With a continuing overflow of ideas, John decided to continue his independent work- creating the ideas piling up in his head under his own brand- & began planning the next iteration of his story- Phase 2.

With new innovations ranging from the extraordinary experience industry he helped popularize to products, music, philosophy, and more, John has only just dipped his paintbrush in preparation to paint the mission he's consistently envisioned throughout it all- put a dent in the universe & experience it all while here.

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