Consuming. Conceiving. Creating.

With a history of creating out-of-the-box ideas - including recent industry-shfitng highlights like the viral 3D sound youtube experience 'The Tucker Zone', interactive instagram adventure ‘Lost Boy’, and an experiential website where you can 'calculate an estimate of the number human you are to ever be born' ( - it’s no surprise John Tucker has established a global presence as an innovator by expressing his unique perspective on the world.

With a present 200,000+ followers accumulated across his personal social media & rapidly growing content engagement (13 million+ views & 250,000+ TikTok reaction videos on the aforementioned ‘Tucker Zone’ alone) - in addition to his extensive reach on the viral instagram page @VinesBeLike (500,000+ followers) which he built & grew - John has consistently proven his ability to identify cultural trends & integrate his unprecedented creativity in order to create ideas that share & expand perspectives - an asset recognized & utilized through his work with innovative organizations like Disney’s Digital Network & Meow Wolf.

With a future ahead filled with consuming, conceiving, & creating more for the world (now supported by his own platform, The Experience Zone, an experiential production house he founded this year) John Tucker’s ultimate focus is remains to experience all life has to offer, & along the way, leave a positive dent through the expressive experiences he envisions.

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Entering the world with a seemingly natural abundance of curiosity, John Tucker became active in the entertainment industry at the age of just 9, acting professionally in various film & stage productions throughout his pre-teen years.

As the foundations of his ambitions became more clear, he shifted his focus to a different kind of performance art- illusions. His teen years were filled with creating magic content on YouTube, performing live at local events, & attaining internships with the world’s leading industry events- all of which allowed him to continue exploring his interests while building an important foundation for years to come.

As his resume built, his ideas continued to expand. Instead of focusing on the 'deception' part of magic performance, he began honing in on the idea of focusing on the experience it created- sometimes using deception as a tool, but not as the main focus (inspired to replicate that same extraordinary feeling Disney World rides provided). Sticky Notes of ideas filled his bedroom walls, and, inspired by innovators like Steve Jobs, he established his ultimate goal- Change The World.

By 2014, at age 17, he had created his first major production at the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium, testing out this new form of 'experience' entertainment for a charitable cause. With support from major networks like NBC, the event led to opportunities to craft innovative new performances/creations for worldwide events like The Color Run.

Continued this exciting run into 2015, John created a series of Instagram 'experience' videos which went viral. Recognizing the power of social media, his entrepreneurial side kicked in & he made a page to distribute viral content- @VinesBeLike on Instagram. After contriving an innovative marketing plan, John grew @VinesBeLike to 500,000+ followers in just under 6 months.

By applying his new powerful understanding of marketing to the creativity he continued envisioning, he began working independently with companies throughout 2016 on marketing campaigns for #1 Apps (i.e. 'Game Of War', 'Avengers' etc.) and more- gaining strong knowledge of the background influencer marketing scene & fundamentally learning to understand what made a brand integration effective.

Meanwhile, his independent ideas continued piling up (migrated from sticky notes on the walls to lifetimes worth of notes) along with his frustrations to gain resources to make them real. After 2 years of attempting to secure investments for his debut project, John released 3 public experiences in 2017- a 'mixtape' of sorts, organized as a triplet of ideas appropriately titled ‘Now Let Me Create’. It included 'The Tucker Zone' (a 3D Sound Experience), 'Lost Boy' (an interactive 'choose-your-own-adventure' on Instagram), and 'Live X' (a cultural movement based in a lifestyle brand). These projects caught the attention of 'Meow Wolf' - a rapidly growing startup creating physical immersive experiences- which John joined in 2018- resulting in multiple SXSW experiential activations- helping define & form a base for the corporate 'experience' industry.

‘The Tucker Zone’ also began gaining intense traction in 2018, a year after it's release, reaching 1 Million views before the year concluded. With this newly obtained independent momentum, John decided to begin planning the next iteration of his story- Phase 2.

In November 2019, John released a follow up to 'The Tucker Zone', which excited & reignited his online growth exponentially. Continuing to follow up with unique experiences on his YouTube platform since- including a choose-your-own-adventure 3D Sound game & 'My Life Number', a website to find an estimate of 'what number human you are to ever be born' - his audience is now growing by the tens of thousands with every release.

The original 'Tucker Zone' continues to cast a wide net, & now sits at 13 million views, reaching over a million more monthly and inspiring an unprecedented wave of cultural excitement for immersive audio. In 2020, John established the world's first experiential production house- The Experience Zone - to take grasp of the new leadership position he's found himself in, while continuing to constantly plan and create new ideas.

Having only just dipped his paintbrush in preparation to paint the mission he's consistently envisioned throughout it all, John's goal is to experience the universe he's in and simultaneously leave a positive dent in it that shows he was here.

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